Call Today for a Free Fence Quote

Call Today for a Free Fence Quote

Juggling all the aspects of running, let alone growing, a fence contractor business takes stamina and versatility. Delivering accurate estimates to set realistic expectations for clients is one key component of ensuring long-term success. For those who are just starting out or looking to hone their estimating skills, a free fence estimate template can be a helpful tool to get the ball rolling.

A free fence estimate is a preliminary approximation of what a fencing project will cost and is generally followed by a more detailed quote outlining exactly what will be done and how much it will cost. Providing a free estimate helps fence contractors gauge whether or not a client’s vision for their project matches their budget. It also allows them to assess the scope of work and the amount they should charge in order to earn a profitable profit margin.

The Size of the Property

The size of a property plays an important role in determining the overall price call today for a free fence quote for a fencing project. The amount of materials and labor that goes into building a fence increases proportionally with the size of the perimeter being enclosed. Accurate measurements of the perimeter are essential to preparing an accurate estimate.

Site Conditions

A thorough site visit to assess the condition of the property is another critical part of preparing an estimate. It is important to note any obstacles or challenges that may impact the fence construction process such as trees, rocks, slopes and other landscape features. It is also important to locate any property lines so that there are no misunderstandings once the fencing project begins.

Material Types

A variety of factors can influence the cost of a fencing project including the type of material that is being installed, gate configurations and any additional features like decorative post caps. To help keep costs down, it is a good idea to research local material prices to find the best deals.

Labor Hours

The time it will take to install a fence can vary depending on the terrain, soil conditions and other factors. For example, if the fence is going to be installed on a hill, it could take longer to dig holes for the posts than if they were being placed on flat ground. The type of soil can also affect the installation process, with rocky soil making it more difficult to dig holes.

Other Considerations

Finally, it is important to include any extra charges that may apply to the project such as tree removal or underground utilities. It is also a good idea to include a disclaimer explaining that the estimate is not the final cost for the project and will be followed by a more detailed quote.